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Intermittent Fasting

Using a time restricted eating schedule to enter ketosis, burn fat, and loose weight. As far as healthy routines go, nothing is more simple to follow or incorporate into your life.

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Intermittent Fasting & Ketones

Intermittent fasting harnesses the power of ketosis and provides powerful health benefits beyond weight loss. Entering ketosis happens after you've depleted your glycogen stores, and your liver begins creating ketones from stored fat cells, which our bodies then use as fuel.

It's easy to get started, no meal planning or calorie counting required. Pick an eating window of 8 hours, and consume all of your calories during that time. Many people skip breakfast or dinner, one simple change to achieve a 16 hour fast.

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Using Kenetik While Fasting

Fasting is made even easier while using Kenetik. Kenetik won’t break your fast since the calories come from ketones, not sugar. Here’s how people use Kenetik to support their intermittent fasting journey.

Skipping Breakfast

Use Kenetik in the morning for an instant boost of energy and to curb cravings.

Mid-Day Slump

Beat brain fog and power through the rest of your day with a refreshing Kenetik.

Skipping Dinner

Drinking Kenetik can make it easier to fall asleep while in a fasted state.

Timing Your Fast

Fasting By the Hour

The 16 hour fast is the most popular variation of the intermittent fasting diet - it’s effective and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. We recommend gradually working your way up to the longer fasts!

12 Hour Fast

A typical American diet includes an approximately 12 hour fast (or less), most of which is done at night, while you’re sleeping. 12 hours, however, is not enough time for your body to enter ketosis.

16 Hour Fast

Many people fast for 16 hours, leaving an 8 hour window for eating. At the 16 hour mark, your body is just beginning to transition from burning glycogen to fat, so the longer you can fast past the 16 hours, the more results you’ll see from your fast. Drinking a Kenetik when you feel hunger cravings can help you fast longer.

20 Hour Fast

To really experience ketosis, a 20 hour fast is recommended. During this time you’ll experience increased fat burning, growth hormone production, autophagy and stem cell production. This is when you experience cellular rejuvenation which promotes longevity.

A refreshing ketone drink

Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink

Kenetik: Ketone Drink

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Kenetik is a delicious ketone energy drink for high performers looking for a healthy mental edge. Every can contains 12g of a premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones - the same ketone molecule our bodies naturally produce. Kenetik Ketones boost energy, sharpen focus and support brain health. Kenetik is the only ketone product approved by the American Brain Council.

Benefits of Fasting

Blood Sugar Control

Short term fasting has been shown to help reduce insulin resistance, especially in those with type 2 diabetes.

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Benefits of Fasting

Fight Inflammation

By reducing oxidative stress, fasting can help decrease inflammation, a precursor to aging and many diseases.

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Benefits of Fasting

Improves Blood Pressure

Many studies have shown that fasting can help lower blood pressure and reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

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Benefits of Fasting

Boosts Brain Function

Ketones, produced while in a fasted state are neuroprotective, and may even prevent neurodegenerative disorders while boosting brain function.

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Benefits of Fasting

Aids Weight Loss

Restricting calories is the only way to lose weight, and using fasting to do so may even increase your metabolism while preserving muscle tissue.

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Benefits of Fasting

Increases Growth Hormone

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Benefits of Fasting

Delay Aging

Many animal studies have found that fasting correlated with a delay in aging, increasing lifespans.

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Benefits of Fasting

Cellular Repair

Autophagy is the process of removing damaged cells to make way for newer, healthier cells, which may provide protection against cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Some individuals combine the keto diet with intermittent fasting in order to stay in a consistent state of ketosis. Intermittent fasting itself won’t keep your body in ketosis, as every time you break your fast - especially if you eat carbohydrates - ketosis will end. Using a low carb diet in conjunction with intermittent fasting helps individuals stay in ketosis so they continue to experience all the benefits like increased energy, enhanced cognitive performance, and better athletic performance. 

Maintaining a keto-friendly, intermittent fasting diet is easier when using Kenetik. Our ketone drink helps you stay in ketosis, controls cravings, and won’t break your fast. 

Read Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting for more information, or Try Kenetik.

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