"I was completely focused and mentally present for 9 hours straight"

Transform Your Training with Kenetik

America's #1 Ketone Energy Drink

icon for Sustained Energy

Sustained Energy

energy when you need it without spiking your heart rate

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Sharper Focus

minimize mistakes at peak exertion

icon for Faster Recovery

Faster Recovery

enhance muscle recovery + get back to training

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Pure Ingredients

plant-based ketones, no sugar + no caffeine

NBA Hall of fame

Bill Walton

"Whenever I need to perform, my first reach is for a Kenetik. It tastes delicious and makes me feel amazing!"

Fittest in DC 2020

Matt Moosavian

"The biggest difference for me is the mental effect. I feel sharper, more alert and less mentally fatigued, which has a huge effect on my performance."

NFL Superbowl Champion

Derrick Mayes

"I am sold! No crash and no stimulation jitters. Quick recovery and sustained level of output."

Unlock Peak Performance

What Are Ketones?

Fuel better with our premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones. Think better, focus better, recover better.

Clean, Sustained Energy*
When powered by Ketones, the heart and muscles can do 28% more work with the same amount of oxygen than with carbs alone. Unlock powerful, steady energy.
Focus Past Exhaustion*
Ketone metabolism optimizes cognitive performance even during exertion. Persevere past the proverbial wall like never before + stay in the zone longer.
Quick, Efficient Recovery*
Fueling with ketones helps minimize inflammation, lower oxidative stress and expedite muscle protein resynthesis. Get back to training more quickly.
A Better Ketone A Better Ketone

A Better Ketone

Pure, Powerful + Plant-based

Kenetik harnesses the power of a new generation of exogenous ketones. No esters or salts. No caffeine or added sugar. Now, you can finally enjoy the benefits of ketones without sacrificing flavor.

Backed by Science

We take D-BHB ketones and combine them with R-1, 3-butanediol in our premium ketone blend. They quickly elevate your circulating ketone levels for optimal performance.

In a recent study comparing exogenous ketone products, the American Brain Council determined that Kenetek is:

  • As effective as 10g of ketone ester*
  • Better tasting*
  • More affordable*


Let Kenetik elevate your performance as you strive to improve every day.

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