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Kenetik: Ketone Challenge Pack

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The Kenetik: Ketone Challenge pack includes 24-servings of Kenetik: Ketone Concentrate, a Kenetik water bottle and more!


Kenetik is a delicious ketone energy drink for high performers looking for a healthy mental edge. Every serving contains 10g of a premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones - the same ketone molecule our bodies naturally produce. Boost mental energy, sharpen focus and support brain health. Kenetik is the only ketone product approved by the American Brain Council.

Kenetik is made with clean, naturally sourced ingredients to
deliver a caffeine-free, sugar-free boost of mental energy and sharper focus without jitters or a crash.

The calories in Kenetik come from ketones which means they are pure fuel and can't be turned into fat.

Ingredients: Water, Biocycle D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid, Avela R-1, 3 butanediol, allulose, stevia, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors, potassium sorbet (for freshness).

The Kenetik formulation is patented under: US11044932B and US20210275474A, with other patents pending.


We challenge you to drink Kenetik ketones daily for 21 days to reinvigorate your brain and build healthier habits!


✔️ 24 servings of Kenetik: Ketone Concentrate

✔️ FREE Kenetik water bottle

✔️ FREE access to our private Facebook group

✔️ FREE Kenetik daily guide with brain boosting drink recipes and tips to build healthier habits


It takes 21 days to build a habit. Developing healthy habits, like drinking ketones daily, set you up for success!

Enjoy Ketones Your Way

Craft a delicious ketone brain fuel drink with Kenetik: Ketone Concentrate. Simply add 1-2 servings + enjoy your favorite cold beverage on the go.

Fill your glass, water bottle, or Kenetik tumbler with ice.

Step 1

Fill your glass, water bottle, or Kenetik tumbler with ice.
Pour 2oz of Kenetik Concentrate over the ice.

Step 2

Pour 2oz of Kenetik Concentrate over the ice.
Add sparkling water or your favorite cold beverage.

Step 3

Add sparkling water or your favorite cold beverage.
Stir + enjoy!

Step 4

Stir + enjoy!

Benefits of Drinking Ketones Daily

Better Energy

Ketones provided a caffein-free, sugar-free boost of efficient energy without jitters or a crash.

Better Focus

Ketones sharpen focus, increase brain activity + help you overcome brain fog.

Better Brain Health

Ketones reduce inflammation in the brain and support the growth and repair of brain cells.