Recent Study Shows Kenetik Increases Brain Activity

Recent Study Shows Kenetik Increases Brain Activity

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Calixto Machado, M.D, Ph.D; James P. Halper, M.D.; James Kane, Ph.D. 
American Academy of Neurology

May 5th, 2022


Why ketone supplementation? 


Ketones serve as an energy source during high metabolic activity, particularly in the brain. By increasing available  energy to the brain, particularly in conditions of high exertion, ketones improve communication between brain  regions and result in increased brain activity and better cognitive acuity.  


Dietary ketogenesis has a long history in medicine and is widely pursued in a growing population of athletes and  wellness enthusiasts. Dietary supplementation with exogenous ketones represents a promising strategy to help meet the energetic needs of the brain during crisis or strenuous activity. 


Methods to increase the levels of ketones in the body include rigorous keto dieting, fasting, or consumption of exogenous ketones. A ketogenic diet and fasting are difficult to adhere to for sustained periods of time given the severe restrictions on carbohydrate intake and reliance on high quantities of fats for calories. 


Most exogenous ketone products currently on the market come with a flavor/efficacy trade-off. Ketone salts are  tolerable, however, the required dose to increase brain activity typically requires unhealthy salt load. Ketone  esters elevate circulating ketone levels effectively; however, taste is intolerable for most.


Why Kenetik? 


Kenetik is a new class of exogenous ketone beverage. It uses a patented formulation of pure D-beta hydroxybutyric  acid and R-1,3 butanediol that provides a powerful boost of ketones while maintaining a sports drink flavor profile.  On a dose equivalent basis, Kenetik elevates circulating ketone levels as well as ketone esters. 


A clinical study was recently conducted to evaluate the increase in circulating ketones and the potential increase in brain activity and cognitive function following the consumption of a single bottle of Kenetik


Study Results  


20 healthy volunteers consumed one bottle (237 mL) of Kenetik in a rested state. Blood samples were collected and functional brain mapping using quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) analysis was conducted prior to and 30 minutes after consumption. 


Better modulation of neural bioelectrical activity was observed following the consumption of a single bottle of Kenetik. One serving increased Alpha and Gamma power 18% and 16% respectively, with a statistical  significance of 0.01.



So can ketones actually enhance brain activity? Alpha brain training has been widely studied as a technique for improving athletic performance. Both a heightening  of gamma activity and bursts of alpha waves were recorded in many studies elucidating the brain state most closely  associated with achieving what athletes call “being in the zone,” the intensely focused state in which they are at peak performance. 


Bio-electrical activity measured by qEEG following consumption of Kenetik demonstrated a robust increase in alpha and gamma band frequencies. The data from this initial clinical study demonstrate that Kenetik significantly  improves bioelectrical activity in the brain. 





Figure 1: Images showing that there is a significant increment in Alpha and Gamma power compared to baseline following consumption of one serving of Kenetik 




Figure 2: Better modulation of the bioelectrical activity after Kenetik. Alpha amplitude and its waxing and  waning are enhanced after Kenetik. Note that in the raw data, without quantitative analysis, it is not easy to visualize changes in delta and gamma bands.

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