Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
A woman sips a ketone drink while doing an outdoor workout
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
Kenetik: Ketone Drink
A woman sips a ketone drink while doing an outdoor workout
Kenetik: Ketone Drink

Kenetik: Ketone Drink

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Kenetik is a delicious ketone energy drink for high performers looking for a healthy mental edge. Every bottle contains 10g of a premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones - the same ketone molecule our bodies naturally produce. Boost mental energy, sharpen focus and support brain health. Kenetik is the only ketone product approved by the American Brain Council.

Kenetik is made with clean, naturally sourced ingredients to deliver a caffeine-free, sugar-free boost of mental energy and sharper focus without jitters or a crash.

The calories in Kenetik come from ketones which means they are pure fuel and can't be turned into fat.

IngredientsWater, Biocycle D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid, Avela R-1, 3 butanediol, allulose, stevia, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors, potassium sorbet (for freshness).

The Kenetik formulation is patented under: US11044932B and US20210275474A, with other patents pending.



Fuel Better, Feel Better

Sustained Energy

Get consistent mental energy without jitters or a crash.

SHarper focus

Increase brain activity + access your flow state on demand.


Plant-based ketones. Free from caffeine or added sugar.


Bill Walton

"Whenever I need to perform, my first reach is for a Kenetik. It tastes delicious and makes me feel amazing!"


Matt Moosavian

"During a double marathon, I was completely focused and mentally present for 9 hours straight. Kenetik is a game changer."

A Better Ketone A Better Ketone

A Better Ketone


Kenetik harnesses the power of a new generation of exogenous ketones. No esters or salts. No caffeine or added sugar. Now, you can finally enjoy the benefits of ketones without sacrificing flavor.


We take D-BHB ketones and combine them with R-1, 3-butanediol in our premium ketone blend. They quickly elevate your circulating ketone levels for optimal performance.

In a recent study comparing exogenous ketone products, the American Brain Council determined that Kenetek is:

  • As effective as 10g of ketone ester*
  • Better tasting*
  • More affordable*

Unleash Peak Performance

What are ketones?

Fuel better with our premium blend of pure, plant-based ketones. Think better, focus better, recover better.

When powered by ketones, the heart and muscles can do 28% more work with the same amount of oxygen than with carbs alone. Unlock powerful, steady energy.
Ketone metabolism optimizes cognitive performance even when you're exhausted. Persevere past the proverbial wall like never before + stay in the zone longer.
Ketones are the ultimate brain fuel. They help eliminate the brain energy gap, reduce the presence of harmful waste + support the growth and preservation of brain cells.

An Essential for Your Daily Routine

Nutrition at a Glance

We make Kenetik with the highest-quality ingredients, including pure D-BHB ketones, so you can fuel better. When you fuel better, you feel better and can get the most out of your day.

Ingredients: Water, Biocycle D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid, Avela R-1, 3 butanediol, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors, potassium sorbate (for freshness).










No Added Sugar

No Added Sugar

BPA Free

BPA Free







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Power Your Pursuits

Let Kenetik elevate your performance as you strive to improve every day.

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All of Your Questions, Answered

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Product & Health Benefits

Kenetik is a powerful & delicious ketone beverage that can provide the brain & body boost you need to meet the demands of your busy day. Our new generation of ketones, pure D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid, is the source of this boost. It’s the same ketone molecule our bodies make, only made from renewable plants through a sustainable process. One bottle of Kenetik has the equivalent ketone power as 10g of ketone ester.

You should drink 1 bottle of Kenetik daily and whenever you need a boost of energy, clarity and/or well-being. Drink a Kenetik to kickstart your day, conquer the midday slump or fuel a late night. You can also drink a Kenetik before an important performance such as a meeting, marathon or challenging project.

Note that the more your body is exposed to ketones, the better it gets at using them!  It can take up to 4 weeks of daily use to realize the whole host of benefits ketones provide.

Yes, you can drink up to 6 bottles of Kenetik a day! We recommend starting with one bottle a day and working up to 2 or more, if needed.

While ketones are a molecule our bodies can produce themselves, we always recommend checking with your doctor (or other primary care provider) before trying a new beverage.

While there is no added sugar, we always recommend checking with your doctor (or other primary care provider) before trying a new beverage.

Ketones are a molecule that our bodies naturally produce, in children as well as adults. We recommend checking with your doctor (or other primary care provider) before allowing your child to drink Kenetik.

Checkout & Customer Support

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Before you request a return or refund, please make sure you chill your Kenetik in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours before drinking it. This helps enhance the taste! If you’ve tried this and still don’t enjoy your Kenetik, please send us an email at within 30 days of your online purchase to request a return and/or refund (including shipping, if applicable). At this time, we can only offer refunds for your first order and our refunds are usually limited to one case per person.

Of course! We would never sell your payment information and take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all your information.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay!

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