We designed Kenetik for anyone who could use a healthy boost of energy + focus to support their peak performance, on the field, at home, at work or in life. 

Meet Peter & Devon

Our Founders

Devon is a scientist and engineer in healthcare, and Peter is an entrepreneur with a passion for food and beverage.  They are brothers, athletes, parents and health enthusiasts.

They discovered the power of ketones through early experimentation with the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. The feeling of energy, focus and flow was incredible.

Having ketones as an energy source made waking up in the morning, crushing a long workout, juggling kids out the door for the day and performing well at work feel like a breeze.

They also discovered how important ketones are to supporting a healthy metabolism and to living a long, active, high performing lifestyle.

Creating Kenetik

Our Story

Peter and Devon set out to create a drink - for themselves at first - that provided a boost of that clean, healthy ketone energy.  They wanted to have easy access to ketones to supplement any diet.  And they craved an alternative to the caffeinated, sugar laden energy drinks lining store shelves.

It didn’t come easy. Finding the right plant-based ingredients, testing and refining and starting over to create something that works well and also tastes great took more perseverance and dedication than either of them expected.

But we’re glad they did, and we’re excited to share it with the world. We hope you enjoy Kenetik as much as we do.

Introducing Kenetik

Our Ketone Drinks

Kenetik is a healthy ketone energy drink. It lights up your brain in ways that carbs and caffeine can’t.  One bottle of Kenetik increases brain activity associated with focus and creativity by 17%.

Kenetik gives you a powerful boost of ketones in the exact molecular format your body naturally makes. It’s not a salt or an ester - Kenetik has free BHB derived from sugarcane through a natural fermentation process.  One bottle of Kenetik will increase your ketone levels 1 - 2.5mMol/L within 30 minutes.

Kenetik uses the cleanest ingredients.  It has no sugar and no caffeine, and it’s flavored with actual fruit and healthy sweeteners that are keto and fasting friendly. And Kenetik tastes great.  If you’ve tried ketone drinks before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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