Our Story

As busy, high-performing professionals, our founders Peter and Devon are always
looking for a way to get the most out of their brains, bodies & lives.

Meet Peter & Devon

Our Founders

In 2018, they started searching for a way to fuel their busy lives. They tried the keto diet and found that ketones gave them the ‘edge’ we were looking for. They absolutely loved the way ketones made them feel and the benefits that came with them, especially the high energy, mental clarity and potential long-term health benefits.However, they quickly learned that the diet was difficult to maintain and the available ketone products all had a taste-efficiency trade off. They saw an opportunity to create a great tasting, effective ketone drink!

They were determined to find a better solution. After years of research and experimentation, they finally found it: Kenetik.

Our Mission

We’re determined to help you get the most out of life by providing the brain & body boost you need to stay healthy and meet the demands of your busy day.

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