Our Ingredients

We only use the purest ingredients so you can fuel better,
stay healthy and accomplish more with life!

Made with plants


The source of Kenetik's healthy boost!

Ketones are a powerful fuel source that our bodies naturally produce under extreme circumstances. We use a new generation of exogenous ketone, D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid (D-BHB). We also use R-1,3-butanediol - a novel molecule that our livers quickly convert into D-BHB. This D-BHB is the same ketone molecule that our bodies produce, only made from renewable plant sugars through a sustainable process. That's why Kenetik is able to effectively elevate your circulating ketone levels to help you fuel better.

Stevia & Allulose

These are our non-artificial sweeteners! They're natural sugar alternatives that taste delicious but won’t impact your glucose levels.

Real Flavors

The delicious source of fruity & refreshing flavor!

They are made with simple, clean ingredients—real fruit juices and oils. We use low temperature drying to lock-in flavonoids, allowing the flavor of the fruit to shine.

Next generation

Our Ketones

Kenetik’s new generation of ketones are what make fueling your life so easy!

Delicious & Effective

Each sip contains ketones that taste tangy, fruity and refreshing, and are ready to be used as fuel.

Pure & Sustainable

Unlike conventional, petroleum-based ketone products, we start with renewable plant sugars. Through a revolutionary bio-fermentation process, we convert these renewable sugars into high quality ketones. Our D-BHB is good for you and the environment, too! It's a sustainably made, carbon negative ketone. For each gram of D-BHB produced, our process removes 4.4g of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Proven & Powerful

Kenetik has been tested by athletes and high-performers who’ve found that our ketones taste great and provide a powerful boost of energy, clarity & well-being on demand.

The boost you experience when you drink Kenetik comes from an elevation in your ketone levels. We’ve found that our ketones elevate your ketone levels better for longer, when compared to other ketone products.


Water, D-beta-hydroxybutyric Acid, R-1,3 BDO, Allulose, Pineapple extract, Passion fruit extract, Orange oil, Potassium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium sorbate (for freshness), Stevia

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