The Only Ketone Drink Approved by the American Brain Council

Kenetik Improves Brain Activity

Increased Energy

Our brains produce energy 28% more efficiently when running on ketones instead of glucose. It's a steady boost of energy without jitters or a crash.

Sharper Mind

Kenetik is proven to increase brain activity associated with focus + information processing by 17% in a recent clinical study.

Healthier Brain

Ketones support brain cell growth, reduce harmful free radicals + fight inflammation to support your brain and metabolic health.

How Do Ketones Affect the Brain?

Ketones are the human brain’s preferred fuel source. Let's talk about some of the positive effects of ketones on the brain and body.

Fuel Your Brain

Ketones Enter
The Brain

The blood-brain barrier acts as a filter that protects our brains from harmful molecules.

Ketones are the only fuel source, other than glucose, that can cross this barrier and enter the brain.

Ketones Provide
Essential Energy

Ketones deliver essential, clean energy to our brains. In fact, they produce 28% more energy than glucose!

This is especially important in adults, as our brains' ability to use glucose declines as we age. Kenetik makes up for that missing energy.

Ketones Protect
Brain Cells

Ketones increase blood flow, reduce harmful free radicals and decrease inflammation in the brain. This supports the growth and repair of our neurons (aka brain cells).

Keeping our brains healthy on a cellular level is a key factor in maintaining and improving brain function.

Proudly Approved by the American Brain Council Proudly Approved by the American Brain Council

Proudly Approved by the American Brain Council

"We have chosen to endorse Kenetik as a significant contributor to brain health, in this exciting new field, and would encourage all to consider adding this to their daily regimen, to promote the benefits of achieving and maintaining a state of ketosis.”

- David Larsen, American Brain Council Chairman

The American Brain Council's recently did a study looking at Kenetik's ketone brain fuel drinks vs. other ketone supplements. The study found that, when compared to 10g of ketone ester, Kenetik is:

  • As effective
  • Better tasting
  • More Affordable

Kenetik is Clean Brain Fuel

Kenetik is Clean Brain Fuel

a better ketone

Kenetik's pure, powerful blend of bioidentical D-BHB and R-1,3BD ketones is patented. It's the first ketone of it's kind - neither a ketone ester, nor a ketone salt. Kenetik's ketones are clean brain fuel that support better brain activity.

Backed by science

A recent clinical study using qEEG brain scan technology proved that just one serving of Kenetik significantly elevates brain activity.

The study found that Kenetik specifically increases alpha and gamma brain waves by 18% and 16%, respectively. This increase in brain activity is associated with:

  • Sharper focus + mental clarity
  • Faster information processing
  • Creativity + calmness

This brain state is known as "being in the zone" or "getting into your flow state". Achieve your flow state on demand with Kenetik!

Better Ingredients,
Better Brain Fuel

learn more about our ingredients

Kenetik harnesses the power of bioidentical ketones - the exact same molecule your body produces. We use a powerful blend of D-BHB and R-1,3BD that are derived from plants via a sustainable bio-fermentation process.

Kenetik is sugar-free. We sweeten Kenetik with allulose and stevia - natural sugar alternatives that taste delicious but won’t impact your glucose levels.

We use real flavors made from real fruit to craft Kenetik's delicious, tropical citrus taste. Refreshingly tangy, these are ketones you’ll crave!

You won’t experience the typical caffeine jitters or crash with Kenetik!

The steady boost you experience when drinking Kenetik comes from ketones + electrolytes - not caffeine.

Kenetik is proud to be Ketogenic Certified. All of our products are keto-friendly. 

You don’t have to be keto to enjoy the benefits of ketones. Kenetik is the perfect pair for every lifestyle!


Light up your brain with Kenetik's plant-based ketone drinks.

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