What Is NSF Certification and When Is It Needed?

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As a consumer, you may have heard the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) name come up in conversations related to the food industry—some readers may have seen the tiny blue NSF certification stamp on the equipment you’ve worked with! The NSF was founded in 1944 with the express goals of standardizing food safety for the general public. As a non-profit operating for over 70 years, it has a fascinating history. In this article, we’ll explore what goes into the certification process, where and when certification is required, the benefits of certification, and what all of this means for Kenetik!


What Is NSF Certification?


What does it mean when a product is NSF certified, and is NSF certification required for all food & beverage products? At the end of the day, some items simply don’t qualify for NSF certification, including many types of foods and drinks. The food & beverage industry also does not require an NSF certification for every item or system used to prepare and serve food. In short, the NSF’s stamp of approval means only that the following apply:

  • A product’s raw ingredients use only FDA approved raw materials


By incorporating the standards set by the United State’s Department of Health and Human Services, specifically the Food and Drug Administration, the NSF demonstrates its dedication to the safety and integrity of food and items commonly used in the service industry.

  • The product passed all of the NSF’s tests related to construction, performance, and safety


NSF testing means that not only consumers, but suppliers and retailers can trust that their product or system meets or exceeds rigorous standards of performance and safety.

  • The product does not contain harmful chemicals


The product or process will not actively or passively (in the case of chemical leaching over time) introduce toxins that could affect or harm users.

Is NSF Certification Required?


NSF certification is an excellent indicator of quality and safety. It sets the bar for many federal, state, and local health code regulations. However, as we mentioned before, NSF certification isn’t required for all food service industry products. There’s no mandate declaring that all items that may come in contact with customer’s food must be certified by the NSF. In fact, the NSF will only certify particular things, including the following:


  • Commercial foodservice products
  • Drinking & bathing water, including water filtration systems intended for drinking and bathing water;
  • Supplements, in order to confirm that they only contain exactly what they say on the label, and are free of harmful contaminants. Kenetik is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in compliance with NSF requirements.

What Are the Benefits of NSF Certification?


There are many benefits of an NSF certification. The little blue stamp of approval can bring a lot of peace of mind to customers, clients, retailers, and suppliers alike. Retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers can take pride in the fact that their product or operation is in adherence to regulations, and stands up to the most stringent food safety standards. This establishes trust with customers and clients, and perpetuates positive brand exposure. It also cements the validity of the operator, retailer, or manufacturer’s commitment to quality and safety. 

Long story short, NSF’s seal of approval sets a product or operation apart from the competition! When it comes down to it, NSF certified products or systems are very literally a safer bet than non-certified alternatives.


Kenetik & NSF Certification


But wait —is Kenetik NSF certified? The answer is no, we aren’t. Why not? Isn’t Kenetik a ketone supplement? Aren’t we always talking about the purity and quality of our ingredients? How can we not be NSF certified? The short answer is that Kenetik is considered a beverage, not a supplement. 


Kenetik is an exogenous ketone beverage intended to give consumers all the benefits of ketosis without the rigorous diet and fasting regimen that typically accompanies it. Kenetik’s bioidentical, plant-based ketone blend is produced in a carbon-negative process. The result is the only ketone drink approved by the American Brain Council. Kenetik is keto-and-fasting friendly, as well as sugar-free and caffeine-free!  And while it contains natural juices and sugar alternatives, Kenetik is not considered a supplement in the same way that a protein powder or multivitamin is! 


So there you have it: Kenetik doesn’t need an NSF certification. Still, Kenetik is dedicated to bringing its customers the best in quality ingredients. It’s made with pure and natural ingredients to the highest quality standards. Grab a bottle today and experience clean, sustainable energy from America’s #1 ketone beverage.

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