Best Supplements for Menopause Brain Fog

Best Supplements for Menopause Brain Fog

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More than 1 million women in the US experience menopause every year. Symptoms are different for every woman - most common symptoms include difficulty sleeping, hot flashes and weight gain. 

Recent research reveals that about 60% of menopausal women also experience menopause brain fog. While brain fog isn’t a medical condition, it’s associated with symptoms of reduced cognition, difficulty concentrating, issues with memory and inability to multitask. 

In this article, we look a a few of the best methods for managing menopause brain fog.

What Causes a Foggy Brain in Menopause?

In short, an estrogen imbalance causes menopause brain fog. Estrogen is more than just a reproductive hormone - it also plays a major role in regulating energy and cellular health in the brain.

Your brain cells’ ability to use glucose for fuel is dependent on hormones, like estrogen. With declining estrogen levels during menopause, your brain cells essentially slow down causing cognitive dysfunction. That’s why cognitive changes, including low estrogen brain fog, are very common in women experiencing menopause. 

What Is Menopause Brain Fog Like?

Menopause/perimenopause brain fog typically manifests itself as forgetfullness and difficulty concentrating. Many women describe it as a general inability to think clearly. Some women also report difficulty absorbing and recalling information when experiencing menopause and brain fog. 

If you’re experiencing menopause brain fog, you may forget where you put down your cellphone or be unable to recall your neighbor’s name. Some cognitive issues during menopause are normal. However, if your problems are impacting your daily life, you may want to consult your doctor. 

How Long Does Brain Fog Last in Menopause?

Unfortunately, for some women brain fog can start during perimenopause and last for up to 10 years. Perimenopause brain fog is attributed to significant hormone fluctuations and can continue due to estrogen imbalances during menopause.

Thankfully, for many women, symptoms of menopause brain fog and perimenopause brain fog may be mild and go away on their own with time. There are also a number of great treatments for menopause brain fog that can help mitigate symptoms. Read below to discover suggestions and solutions for menopause brain fog and low estrogen brain fog. 

What Can I Take for Brain Fog During Menopause?

While many supplements for menopause brain fog claim to be a cure, we recommend using preventative measures or natural remedies and supplements. Here are some of our favorite options for managing brain fog during menopause:

Minimize Stress

Chronic stress is known to elevate cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels are associated with poor memory, especially in women. Engaging in mindfulness activities, like meditating or doing yoga, can help you get a grip on stress and improve symptoms of menopause brain fog. 

Eat a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. These foods contain nutrients, like vitamins C and D, that support womens’ brain health. They can also contain phytoestrogens, or plant estrogens. Supporting your brain with the proper nutrients can help improve menopause brain fog and overall brain health.

Take Omega-3s

Taking omega-3 fatty acids may support brain health and improve some symptoms of menopause brain fog. Research shows that omega-3s can specifically improve issues with attention and memory, making them one of the best supplements for menopause brain fog.

Try Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones may be the best way to manage menopause brain fog! Ketones are a natural super fuel for your brain. They aren’t hormone dependent, produce energy more efficiently than glucose, and support your overall brain health. 

Kenetik ketones are also proven to increase brain activity associated with focus and information processing by 18%. You can read more about the study here. 

Adding exogenous ketones to your routine is easy with Kenetik! Our ketone drinks are delicious and every serving contains 10g of bioidentical ketones that support sharper focus and mental clarity. Try Kenetik ketone drinks today to eliminate menopause brain fog!

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