How to Improve Mental Clarity + Focus

How to Improve Mental Clarity + Focus

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You’ve likely heard about the benefits of daily exercise and eating clean –– but how exactly can you support a healthy brain in the long term? 


There are keto-friendly brain support products and natural solutions that can help boost brain function, improve mental clarity and improve long-term cerebral health. 


Natural remedies for brain performance offer a wide variety of cognitive benefits and can be used to complement the physical health gains that come along with the ketogenic lifestyle. 


Read on to discover the best keto-friendly brain supplements you can start taking today to boost your mental power. Access greater mental clarity, enhanced focus, and even improved memory. 


Best Supplement for Focus


Focus is the ability to reliably and intentionally direct prolonged mental effort towards tasks and topics. In other words: staying committed to a task without getting distracted. 


This plays a huge role in physical tasks. Take for example, professional athletes. They must remain hyper-focused in order to quickly adjust their movements. One split-second reaction could mean scoring a last second touchdown, spotting an opponent’s breakaway play, or avoiding a life-threatening injury. 


In addition, staying focused can make or break a situation even in everyday life.


Sharp mental focus and clarity are essential for success. It can improve our decision-making processes, enhance work performance, and help us tune out distractions. 


Individuals that want natural overall brain health support are in luck. L-theanine - the most promising natural supplement for laser-sharp mental focus - is widely available.


L-theanine naturally occurs in green and black teas. It is known for its ability to relax the mind without inducing drowsiness. L-theanine also has a synergistic relationship with another popular concentration-booster, caffeine. 


When paired, L-theanine and caffeine are thought to improve mental clarity and attention while minimizing anxiety and shakiness that comes from caffeine alone.   


This powerful combination has been shown to lead to improved cognition as a whole, as well as task attention and task accuracy.


Best Supplement For Memory Recall


If you’re able to focus on studying a new subject, but unable to recall the subject later on, you may need help with memory. 


If you are searching for a brain support supplement to improve long-term memory, consider trying ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba is thought to improve memory and cognitive function by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. 


Ginkgo biloba is totally natural and extracted from the large, fan-shaped leaves of the maidenhair tree. Maidenhair trees, also known as ginkgo trees, are a member of one of the oldest species of trees on the planet, dating back over 290 million years. 


Extracts from the leaves of these trees have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat brain disorders, circulatory disorders, and respiratory diseases. 


Now, modern research has discovered evidence that reinforces that ginkgo biloba has memory and brain health supporting properties


A study examining the effect of ginkgo biloba on healthy young volunteers used four primary cognitive factors to measure the impact. These factors included:


  • Speed of attention
  • Accuracy of attention
  • Speed of memory
  • Quality of memory


Researchers conducting the study found that administration of ginkgo biloba produced a measurable and sustained improvement to all four factors in the healthy young volunteers. 


Best Nootropic For Energy


Mental performance and energy is the ability to sustain both memory and focus over a long duration. If you’re looking to naturally improve brain function, mental clarity and energy, consider taking a note from traditional Chinese and Greek medicine. 


These cultures used Rhodiola Rosea, a perennial flowering plant, to elevate their day-to-day mental energy. After centuries of folk use, scientists decided to analyze this bright yellow flower to determine if the ancient claims of mental energy enhancement were based in fact. 


A study examining Rhodiola Rosea’s effect on stress-related mental fatigue revealed that the plant offers a host of brain health, including:


  • Neuroprotectivity
  • Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine stimulation
  • Adaptogenic qualities that make Rhodiola Rosea ideal for reducing stress and fatigue in both the mind and body
  • And potentially increased overall mental performance 


Best Supplement For Mental Clarity 


Mental clarity is best defined by its opposite: brain fog. Slow thinking, confusion, poor concentration, and poor memory recall are all associated with brain fog. Mental clarity is the ability to easily organize your thoughts and emotions during day-to-day life.


Keto dieters know brain fog can occur as their bodies become fat-adapted. Those interested in improving their mental clarity during these early stages of “going keto” can begin and end their search with Omega 3. 


Omega 3 is vital for supporting long-term overall brain health and function. It’s also thought to improve memory, enhance mood, sharpen concentration, and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


While studies are still underway, exciting evidence pointing towards a link between Omega 3 supplementation and improved mental clarity has earned Omega 3 the top spot when it comes to the best natural supplements for mental clarity and focus.


Omega 3 is widely available in keto-friendly foods, so you may not need to supplement Omega 3 if your diet includes staples such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, or walnuts. 


Best Brain Supplement for Cognition


What is cognition exactly? Cognition goes beyond just focus, energy or clarity. Cognition is what binds these actions together, and allows us to understand the world around us. Ultimately, it is our ability to think critically. In other words, it’s how we access knowledge to judge and problem solve. Enter mushrooms. 


Mushrooms are having a moment. In recent years the health benefits of mushrooms experienced a boom in popularity. This led to the creation of mushroom supplements. 


One mushroom in particular, called Lion’s Mane, is thought to support improved cognition, decreased stress, and overall brain health. Lion’s Mane has also been linked to improved mood and better quality of sleep


Researchers believe these brain support benefits can be chalked up to how Lion’s Mane stimulates the creation of two compounds vital for healthy brain support. 


These compounds, called nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), regulate neuron development and maintenance for improved cognition. 


Stimulating the creation of these compounds is thought to provide vital brain health support that can boost cognitive ability, making Lion’s Mane one of the best supplements for cognition. 


Best Overall Brain Performance


Above, we’ve described a lot of supplements, which could get pricey to maintain. Many people also wonder how to increase mental performance and focus naturally. Thankfully, simply pushing your body into ketosis may be all you need to unlock greater mental clarity, energy, and cognitive performance. 


Many know that prolonged ketosis can actually help improve brain function. This happens as the brain switches from regularly using glucose to ketones for energy. Ketones are a more efficient energy source and support overall brain performance.


Today, an exciting, new product makes the benefits of ketone even more accessible. 


Kenetik’s Exogenous Ketone Drinks are keto-friendly, plant-based, BPA-free, and chock-full of potent D-BHB ketones to help elevate cognitive performance. Best of all, they allow users to access the power of ketones without requiring they stick to a strict keto or low-carb diet.


Kenetik’s Ketone Drinks also provide clean, jitter-free energy, making it one of the best brain health drinks and an amazing alternative to supplements for mental clarity and focus.


Exogenous ketone drinks provide many of the same benefits of metabolic ketosis by supplying the bloodstream and brain with energy rich ketones. 


Ketones are an ultra-efficient fuel source for the brain and support improved brain function, mental clarity, focus and cognitive ability. Ketones also reduce inflammation in the brain, leading to better long-term brain health.


The combination of potent ketones, crucial electrolytes, and a refreshing, tangy taste makes Kenetik the ideal means for supporting higher mental energy levels and performance while maintaining a keto diet, or any other lifestyle. 


You can drink up to 6 Kenetik Ketone Drinks a day for round-the-clock mental and physical energy, clarity, and performance. So to try Kenetik for yourself, click through to order your very first bottle

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