Kenetik Outperforms Other Ketone Products in Recent Clinical Study

Posted by Katie Spaller on

Kenetik was identified as the best overall ketone product in a recent clinical study done by Dr. Jonathan Little and his team at the University of British Columbia. 

Many researchers have used ketone esters to study the benefits of ketone supplementation. However, the combination of disagreeable taste and potential for stomach discomfort make it difficult to adhere to ketone ester regimens. This makes it difficult for researchers, like Dr. Little, to explore the effects of exogenous ketones. 

Kenetik is a new category of ketone product using a patented blend of D-BHB and R-1,3BD, or a blend of bioidentical ketones. Dr. Little’s study compared Kenetik against ketone ester and pure R-1,3BD products. The study looked at the effects of each product on BHB ketone levels, glucose levels, gastrointestinal distress and supplement acceptability in 12 healthy adults.

The study found that Kenetik effectively elevates BHB levels to induce ketosis, exhibits glucose-lowering effects and does not cause any GI distress. 

Another exciting finding is that supplement acceptability was highest with Kenetik! Supplement acceptability is a subjective measure of how well a participant likes the drink and its taste, how easy it is to consume and how satisfied they felt after drinking it. Dr. Little and team conclude their findings support Kenetik's "use in future research aiming to explore the feasibility of prolonged ketone supplementation in the real world”. 

Read the full study here or explore our blog to learn more about the science behind Kenetik ketone drinks!

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