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5 Tips for a Successful Keto New Years Resolution

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Are you looking to start the new year with a little extra spring in your step? Have you researched countless weight loss tips and asked yourself how to stick to a New Year's resolution this year? 


What Are the Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions?


The new year gives people a chance to start fresh while choosing a specific goal. While there are many unique New Year’s resolutions made each year, the most common include weight loss, exercising more, and improving productivity. Thankfully, keto can help with all three of these resolutions!


How Many People Have Weight Loss as a New Year’s Resolution?


According to a 2019 survey, 48% of the people who made New Year's resolutions wanted to lose weight. Weight loss is one of the most common goals as it results in a wide array of benefits.


Unfortunately, many weight loss New Year's resolutions begin with good intentions and small steps, but lose traction without a strong foundation. With this in mind, we’ve compiled five tips to help readers successfully kick off their keto New Year’s resolutions, expedite their exciting results, and reach their goals! 


What is Keto?


To begin your New Year's resolution, first you have to understand: what keto is. Traditionally, the benefits of the keto diet were only accessible once a person entered “Ketosis,” which is a natural metabolic state. During ketosis, the body transitions from using carbohydrates or glucose as its primary energy source to running on powerful ketone bodies. 


That said, achieving this weight loss New Year's resolution this process requires individuals to stick to a strict keto diet, which restricts carbs and sugar to ensure users are set up to enter and maintain this ketogenic state. Once within this state, the body will burn stored fat to create ketones that power the brain and body. 


Over time, more and more people began adopting the keto diet not only for its exciting weight loss benefits but to access the valuable physical and mental benefits of ketones. Today, research has shown that ketones can help you lose weight, promote focus, cognitive clarity, and provide dynamic energy for high intensity or endurance training. Moreover, ketones may even reduce inflammation in the brain and have thus been linked to improved memory, as well as an overall decrease in mental exhaustion or "brain fog."


Consequently, as the benefits of the keto diet became more popular, researchers fought to find a way to provide users with a rich ketone fuel without requiring strict carb and sugar restrictions or strenuous workouts. That’s why exogenous ketone products were released and have since surged in popularity. Now, exogenous ketones drinks like Kenetik allow people to instantly harness the power of ketones to tap into a strong boost of ketone energy at any point in their day. 


What are the Benefits of a Keto or Low-Carb Diet?


The benefits of a keto or low-carb diet have been so successful that many have turned to the keto diet for increased endurance and productivity. When powered by ketones, many report stronger cognitive performance and prolonged clarity during strenuous workouts. This makes a New Year weight loss goal a lot more feasible for more people.


Of course, one of the most popular benefits of the keto diet is its ability to help users burn stubborn body fat, especially when combined with smart intermittent fasting. For those who are considering intermittent fasting for the first time, Kenetik can also help curb cravings and satiate your appetite while powering your body with powerful, plant-based ketones. Seeing quick results can help in making resolutions stick for longer than just a few weeks.


How Can I Stick to My Keto New Year’s Resolutions? 


There’s a reason people are making their New Year’s diet plan keto-friendly, and it has to do with ketones. Packed with a variety of holistic benefits, ketones remain a crucial tool in accessing your best performance. 


However, prolonged endurance and cognitive clarity aside, plenty of people also want to begin the keto diet for its powerful fat-burning and weight loss benefits. So whether you’re looking for tips for sticking to your keto diet plan or just want to experience ketosis for the first time, it might be time to tap into some expert advice. Always speak with your doctor before starting any diet.


As with anything else, it’s often easier to stay motivated after finding your keto community, especially when it comes to working out. Additionally, for every keto or weight loss New Year’s resolution, we recommend you choose a specific goal and study up to learn the mechanics of your chosen diet. Read on to learn more about these ideas, and explore our top five tips for helping you beat your bad habits to accomplish and stick to your Keto New Year’s Resolutions! 


1. Find a Supportive Community


Some people may question the importance of finding a support group to help them stick to their New Year’s diet plan. They may even wonder why they need to find a supportive community to power their journey. Well, if you’re like most people, you’ll be more accountable if you’re part of a community. 


Let’s be honest, friends and family are not always as supportive as they should be. However, when you’re surrounded by others with similar weight loss goals or journeys (even if it’s not the keto diet), connecting and checking in can help motivate your shared and individual efforts in order to stick to your weight loss New Year’s resolution! 


2. Stay Active


It’s always a good idea to get your body moving, especially because exercise can trigger the release of healthy endorphins and help you manage stress through January and beyond. Moreover, by exercising while you’re on the keto diet, you’ll also be able to work towards reaching your weight loss goals faster, boosting your mood, and powering your brain with powerful ketones. Working out can also provide a wealth of healthy activities to enjoy with your keto team or support group or other friends and family. Additionally, ketones can also aid in post-exercise recovery, allowing for faster recovery times and the ability to work out without pain or soreness more frequently. 


3. Have a Specific Goal


It’s vital to have an important goal in mind when beginning any major journey. By staying positive and mapping out our goals, we also subconsciously plan a way to succeed. More often than not, you may find yourself mentally manifesting what reaching these goals look like in your mind's eye. We recommend writing down your goals when learning how to stick to your weight loss New Year’s resolution and sharing them with your keto community to ensure you’re taking accountability for your journey. Keep in mind that a smart goal doesn’t need to be weight-loss oriented and could simply push you to make it to the gym twice a week, commit to one day of intermittent fasting each week, or cut an unhealthy habit out of your routine. 


4. Educate Yourself


Much like honing your skills at a sport or practice, during your New Year’s goal setting and diet lifestyle plan we encourage you to keep learning about the complexity of ketosis and the keto diet. Due to the diet being so well known, there can also be various advice about “best practices” that could be inefficient or potentially dangerous. We urge you to do your research and stay up to date on current findings in the keto field, as studies are constantly being updated and added. For beginners, it may be helpful to peruse our more general overview of the Benefits of Ketones or read over our article explaining How to Get into Ketosis in 24 Hours. 


5. Drink Exogenous Ketones


Today, exogenous ketones are completely transforming how millions understand the keto diet. Traditionally, the powerful benefits of ketones were only accessible to the most disciplined keto fans, who could maintain strict dieting and exercise regimens to push their body into endogenous ketosis (i.e., natural ketosis, which occurs within the body after carb and glucose restriction). 


That said, today Kenetik’s exogenous ketones allow users to crack open a bottle and in about 15 minutes, flood their bodies with a rush of plant-based ketones –– all bio-identical to those produced within the human body. By simply taking this small step, these ketones will rush to power your brain and body in no time and have completely reimagined what intermittent fasting can feel like –– as well as just how strict you really have to be when it comes to restricting carbs and sugar. On top of that, Kenetik’s exogenous ketones are now carbon negative and powered by a patented blend of R-1,3 butanediol and D-beta-hydroxybutyric acid; which was recently found to be just as powerful as traditional ketone esters, but much, much better tasting. 

So if you want to kickstart your Keto New Year’s resolution and reach your goal to lose weight, improve cognition or boost athletic performance, try a bottle of Kenetik today.

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