Energy Gels vs. Exogenous Ketones for Running Fuel

Energy Gels vs. Exogenous Ketones for Running Fuel

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Some claim carbohydrates and sugars such as running gels are the best way to charge up for a run – but is this really true? 


Are energy gels as a primary fuel source truly the most effective way to power your performance? Or, is there a more ancient, efficient, and sustainable running fuel available? 


Here we’ll explore the purpose of energy gels, whether they’re effective for endurance exercise, and how they compare to exogenous ketone products. We’ll also examine some of the drawbacks of sugary energy gels and why they are often considered inferior to powerful ketones as a source of fuel. 


What Does Energy Gel Do?


Energy gels are edible, carb-dense supplements made from a blend of sugars. They are designed to power your running routine and are often harnessed by endurance athletes like marathon runners or triathletes. Today, even casual joggers often lean on energy gels for running.


Your body typically needs plenty of fat and clean carbohydrates to feed muscles while you’re running. Since fat is a powerful, but slowly metabolized resource, energy gels aim to replenish carbohydrate stores depleted naturally by running. This is why they should be consumed immediately before your run to keep your body ignited with this powerful energy source.


Do Energy Gels Work for Running?


As mentioned, energy gels have become increasingly popular, and are used by casual and endurance runners alike. For this reason, they are often referred to as “running gels."


If you’re hoping to run a marathon, energy gels will work best when the glycogen stores in your body are seriously depleted. In a race or marathon, energy gels are a convenient power-up to carry with you, as they’re a lightweight, compact reserve of stamina and power.


Often a runner’s staple, these energy gels help restore carbs for your muscles to feed on. The sugars in these gels get absorbed into the bloodstream to provide a quick spike in sugary glucose. Your muscles then absorb the relevant carbohydrates (in the form of sugars) for instant energy for long-distance running. This can fuel up to 45 minutes of extended running energy.


Some running gels include additional ingredients to boost performance like electrolytes, caffeine, and antioxidants. Such additions replace lost minerals, open blood vessels, and clear out harmful waste from muscle tissue. 


What Are the Cons of Energy Gels?

However, with market variation and natural differences in metabolism from person to person, energy gels may not work for everyone. Also, endurance athletes abiding by a strict keto diet may be deterred by the high sugar and carb content found in energy gels. 


What Do Keto Runners Use for Fuel?


Since keto dieters need to stay away from both sugar and carbohydrates, they are often left confused as to what they should use for keto running fuel. Traditional keto diets encourage using fats for fuel. Whether or not you follow a keto diet however, exogenous ketones are one of the best ways to fuel a run. Packed with the power to fuel better cognitive and athletic performance, exogenous ketones may be all you need to beat your best running time! 


Consider some of the benefits of using exogenous ketones to fuel your runs. A steady, efficient source of fuel, ketones are often thought to be hard-won through fasting and rigorous dieting. As a result, many keto runners eat lots of fat and very few carbs to push their body into ketosis. Once within ketosis, their body will harness this fat to produce ketones. 


Today, fans can skip making their own ketones altogether and instantly access ketosis with the ketone drink Kenetik. The delicious, powerful drink delivers pure exogenous ketones in a natural molecular structure. 


Ketones translate to lasting running energy when used as smart super fuel. By drinking ketones in Kenetik, you can push past the sugar crash and carb wall when training, allowing you to run on ketones. 


Plus, ketones can provide sustained energy levels without requiring users to constantly refuel throughout their workout. They can also help you sharpen your focus and zero in on your performance goals. Then, when it’s time to prepare for your next run, Kenetik can even help your body speed up muscle recovery so you can get back to training faster.   


Kenetik is also packed with electrolytes to help keep you hydrated and provide long-term positive effects. Each compact, fuel-ready bottle is also conveniently portable and light enough to bring with you during long-distance running.  


Today, countless users have turned to “keto energy gels”, or exogenous ketones to fuel their performance before, during, and after their run. Products like Kenetik are gaining popularity as an alternative fuel source to carbohydrates and smart recovery beverage. To examine how exogenous ketones truly measure up to traditional energy gels, read on. 


Energy Gels vs Exogenous Ketones


Energy gels follow a traditional understanding of what source of fuel is best for endurance athletes. For years, doctors and dietitians suggested that carbs should remain an essential part of every pre- and post-workout routine. 

However, today, we know that that need not be the case. In reality, your body can run on two energy sources — carbohydrates or ketones. The carbs in energy gels may be easily absorbed, but they are not a long term sustainable source of fuel for long distances, marathons, and stamina-pushing sessions. This makes them much less effective for running than exogenous ketones. 


In addition to needing constant replenishment, running gels also require users to drink a lot of water to assist digestion. Without large amounts of water, they could end up dehydrating you rather than properly fueling your run. 


So if you’re looking for a more effective source of fuel –– or avoiding excess carbs and sugar –– exogenous ketones can offer better convenience, efficiency, and results.


Plus, the exogenous ketones in Kenetik come in a tasty, hydrating formula that is molecularly identical to the endogenous ketones found in the human body. 


Kenetik's keto running fuel aims to help users bio-hack their own bodies and minds. As a source of fuel for runners, it promises improved performance, results, and stamina. As a go-to for better brain health and cognition, Kenetik’s got you covered. So shop Kenetik today to try a bottle for yourself, and discover a new way to access the ancient power of ketones.

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